Saturday, November 04, 2006

Public Support for BRT In San Francisco

This report from Joel Ramos, who is organizing for BRT on behalf of Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC):

I was at the Geary BRT workshop last night, and all 50 or so people in attendance seemed to unanimously support the project. The only issue some had was that they preferred an LRT. However, after several explanations from the MTA, folks finally understood that it would be too expensive, and would take too long.

In the interest of time, some even advocated that some of the alternatives be dropped (such as curbside BRT and simply enhancing current service), as they simply weren't nearly as effective as center lane BRT.

Probably the best part of the event was a 2 minute long computer animation that portrayed a BRT vehicle traveling down Geary Blvd, amongst two-way traffic, while stopping at bus stations along the route. The whole animation was projected from a "bird's-eye" view, that is, from an in-flight perspective (above and at an angle).

It was rather inspiring!


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