Friday, March 30, 2007

Shanghai Adds 300 Kilometers of Bus Lanes

As the city moves forward with plans to expand its overcrowded underground metro system, Shanghai transit officials are also planning to build a 300km network of bus only lanes to speed travel across the city.

"Shanghai commuters should get speedier rides in the next few years as the city plans to expand its 70-plus kilometers of bus lanes fourfold by 2010, transport officials said yesterday.

They'll also find bus travel slightly cheaper, with new fare discounts set to go into effect this summer.

The construction of more lanes reserved for transit buses is an important step in Shanghai's effort to improve its public transport system, officials said.

Under the plan, bus-lane coverage will be beefed up to 300 kilometers by 2010, including 110 kilometers in the downtown, said Li Wenhui, director of the Shanghai Urban Transport Management Bureau.

Fare policy changes are also in the works to encourage more commuters to ride the bus and reduce pressure on the overcrowded Metro system."


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