Friday, November 30, 2007

Update on City of Berkeley Action on BRT

To Friends of BRT:

As you’re probably aware, on October 23 the city council passed a resolution that authorizes the City of Berkeley to move forward to analyze how BRT in Berkeley might be configured (Oakland to Dwight, Southside, Bancroft, and Downtown) and make specific recommendations to AC Transit.

Although not explicitly stated, the resolution assumed that money to pay for the work would be available from A.C. Transit.

Following passage of the resolution, staff of the City and A.C. Transit have been negotiating how to pay for the work. The costs may be greater than originally anticipated, and, as a result, it may take longer to secure the necessary funds. The City’s expectation is that transportation consulting contracts currently in place for work on the Southside and Downtown plans can be extended to cover the work on BRT. That is still the plan. The consultants will work closely with City staff (in the Planning and Public Works Departments) and U.C. Berkeley to complete the process and make recommendations to A.C. Transit.

It now appears that the work is likely to be completed by April or May 2008. This timeline will be okay with A.C. Transit.

We’ll keep you up to date as we learn more about how the process is proceeding.

Len Conly and Hank Resnik
Co-Chairs, Friends of BRT


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