Sunday, June 03, 2007

Photos of Busways in France

Rob Wrenn writes:

I was in France for two weeks in May, in four different cities, Lille, Tours, Paris and Rouen. All had busways/dedicated lanes for some major bus routes; Paris has an extensive network. Rouen has something that is actually described as BRT, while Paris and Tours don't call it that. I took pictures in Paris, Tours and Rouen just to show that what AC is planning with BRT is hardly unusual or untested. What's going on in Paris is amazing with bike lanes, bus lanes, trees and green space being added, while space for cars is reduced.

I also took some pictures of bike lanes, pedestrian streets and other stuff. In addition, there are some older pictures of BRT in Las Vegas, though I think BRT in France is much more relevant to our plans here than Las Vegas' highway-based BRT.

You should be able to view the photos by clicking on the link that follows (or copying and pasting it into your web browser):

Click on "View as slideshow" and click the middle of the photo to get the captions included. There is a little "i" for information. Or click on individual photos. If you do that you will have to click on "different sizes" to see a decent sized version of the photo. "Slideshow" is good because photos are full size. You can adjust the speed of the slideshow too by clicking on speeds at the bottom of the page. Let me know if you have problems looking at the photos.

Caveat: I make no claims to being a skilled photographer.


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